Meet Joe and Ricky

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Founded by legendary trainer Joe Goossen, “Ten Goose Boxing Gym” has been the home of world champions for over 30 years. Gabriel and Rafael Ruelas, Joel Casamayor, Diego “Chico” Corrales, Michael Nunn and Shane Mosely, just to name just a few, have all honed their skills inside one of L.A.’s most famous gyms. Continuing that legacy of excellence, long-time trainer and Joe Goossen protégé Ricky Funez now works with fighters and non-fighters alike inside the gym’s friendly, authentic atmosphere, helping them reach their personal goals through the art of boxing.


Ricky first began his career in boxing at the age of 16 when Joe Gooss

en rescued him from a life of gang violence and hired him as an assistant trainer. The opportunity to work alongside one of the best in the business changed Ricky’s life and, over the course of his 20 year career, molded him into one of the boxing world’s most sought after coaches.

That same experience and expertise that has turned fighters into champions is now available to you.

Whether you aspire to turn pro, hone some already established skills or simply get the best work-out in L.A., Ricky offers one-on-one training sessions that will challenge your stamina, strengthen your body and build your confidence – all while teaching you to defend yourself. Even if you’ve never set foot inside a ring before, training like a pro is guaranteed to transform your life.

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Call today to learn more about gym membership and one-on-one training sessions. After school programs available as well.

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Once you experience the benefits of a real boxing workout, you will never go back to the treadmill again.